Queen in Yamaguchi, Japan on 02.05.1979 (written by Jeff Carden)

I had the opportunity to see Queen at Yamaguchi, Japan on May 2nd 1979. I was stationed at Iwakuni Japan while in the Marine Corps and while driving through the Yamaguchi area a few months prior to the concert, we noticed all these Queen flyers advertising a concert in the area. When we found out what the venue was, we couldn't believe that Queen was actually going to play there. I believe it was a gymnasium of some sort and really not that big of a place. This was when Queen was huge and we thought that it was sort of a small place for such a big name band. Anyway we bought the tickets for 4500 yen and came back to the concert in May. As it would be there were about 10 of us Marines who made the trip down to watch the concert. It was the most exciting concert I had ever seen in my life to that point and probably still is. Freddie and the band were on top of their game and when he found out that there were Americans in the audience and could hear us yelling for our favorite songs, he started to talk to us and engage with us in conversation. Then the best part of the show for me came when he yelled at us that here is a souvenier for us and threw his tambourine into our crowd of the audience and it hit me in the chest and bounced off and i think about 10 hands were on it and I managed to grab it away from everyone and came out of the crowd with it. How cool is that for a concert story and thousands of miles from home and in a foreigh country to boot.