Queen in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 29.01.1979 (written by Michel)

I must have been 11 years old at that time and a big Queen fan for about 4 years. It was one of the worst winters of all time in Holland (we were skating in the streets of my hometown which turned into an ice-rink. Really unbelievable but true. I went to the concert with my older sister, my brother-in-law and some neighbours. There was a lot of snowfalling that day and we expected rain in the evening so it could have been dangerous to drive to the Ahoy Hall in Rotterdam. Months before I was very excited about my very first concert ever. I couldn't live with the thought that we couldn't go to see my heroes - QUEEN! Thank god my brother-in-law made the decision to go. I was happy as a little child! Two and a half hours later we finally arrived in Rotterdam, right on time. My sister bought me a great Queen scarf, we ate some snacks and started looking for our seats. It was sold out, the album Jazz was straight in the Top Ten of the album charts in Holland and the second single from the album Don't Stop Me Now was moving up in the charts. Queen were hot at that time. So the gig was in this incredible hall - it was the first time in my life that I saw so many people coming for the same purpose. And then (I think it was 20.30) the lights went off. A giant smoke started filling the stage. A really heavy fast version of We Will Rock You started banging into our bodies. Freddie in black leather with cap and sunglasses ran like hell on the stage, what a energy!!! All the favorites were there. I remember a great version of Brighton Rock incl. Roger's drum solo. At the end of the concert Freddie had some voice problems and didn't reach the high notes anymore. But what the hell, it was the greatest experience of my childhood. I was the only kid of that age at my school that attended a rock concert. I was a great Queen fan until 1982. When I heard Hot Space, I was not happy at all - what a teribble mistake. Slowly my interest in the group faded away. Innuendo surprised me though - a great album in the best Queen tradition. But it was almost over. What's left now - the great memories, the songs and the videos.