Queen in Portland, Oregon, USA on 13.12.1978 (written by E.S.)

A little about the 1978 concert experience.

I was 15 years old. It was my first rock concert.

No opening band but the audience had to wait over two hours in the arena with only a repeated string of ten prerecorded songs being looped again and again.

Some of those songs were annoying to here even only once. I was not the only one a little furious.

When Queen finally came on stage all was forgiven.

I was thrilled to goose bumps at each song. Never heard music being played that loud before. I was a little concerned about ear damage but "let it be done. This is great."

The light display was colorful. A little to blindingly bright a few times. I was concerned about retina damage but "let it be done. This is great."

I could have done without the marijuana smoke floating in the air.

Queen could sure put on a fantastic show!