Queen in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 13.11.1978 (written by K-Mac)

This was the second concert I had attended. We had great seats that night. They were in the first 10 rows, center stage. I remember complaining to my friend that we had to pay $10 for the $8 seats (if only things were that reasonable today). The place was electric with energy when the lights went out and the smoke came out from under the lights. Then the wall of sound of "We Will Rock You" followed by the blinding flood lights from below the drums. There was a smaller stage hanging over the lights that was lowered down in the middle of the show to do an acoustic set. If I remember right it had a small drum kit on it and a couple of stools for Freddie and Brian. I remember Freddie driving around the stage on a small tricycle during "Bicycle Race". I also remember Freddie coming out to sing the encore (We Will Rock You) on Darth Vader's shoulders. I kind of remember them singing "Get Down Make Love" but I didn't see that in your set list for that tour (maybe I am mistaken... it has been many years). And finally, I believe Freddie was wearing his black leather outfit that night. It was a great night although much of it is fuzzy from being so long ago.