Queen in Zürich, Switzerland on 30.04.1978 (written by Luca Rascher)

For the News of the World tour leg Queen played for the first time in Zurich, my home town – and like in Basel the year before, I was at arournd 10 in morning at the front door with my girlfriend. Since we were totally in love the hours of waiting seemed to fly. Luckily this time the main door opened so we were just in front of the stage. After the tipical one hour delay with beatiful classical music the stage exploded and the huge crown was rising towards the roof with enourmos amounts of smoke – what a start ! We were all stunned and couldn’t believe our eyes. Freddies energy was just magnificent and his voice was in great shape, enjoying every second on stage. When he sang Love of My Life, he looked to my girlfriend an me with a beatiful smile – and the guy next to us asked if we knew Freddie… Being a real concert fan (I have seen mostly everybody except the Beatles) I could really tell how magic, powerful and brillant Queen were on stage. There are no equals to this in my eyes. When Freddie turned for the enocores in his lurex suit the place went completely nuts and sang in a way I have never witnessed before. The setlist is still one of my favourites of Queen concerts.