Queen in Stafford, UK on 29.05.1977 (written by Dave Dunn)

Was it really 26 years ago that I first attended a Queen concert, well it was and it is still as fresh in my memory today as it was when we walked out of Bingley Hall, Stafford on the 29th May 1977. As I remember it was a Sunday, I had tried to get a ticket for the show months before but our local ticket agent (Dennis Cooper) said they had sold like the preverbreal hotcake so I had been sulking for months, but today was the day of the concert, two of my friends had managed to get tickets and had reminded me of the fact for months on end, today god must have been smiling on me, one of my friends couldn't make it, he had broken his ankle playing football that very morning (bad luck mate), I got the call around 2pm, by 4pm I was on the coach with Steve and we were on our way to Stafford Bingley Hall. Reaching the concert hall by about 6pm the queue outside seemed to stretch for miles but we managed to negotiate them o.k. and we headed for the front. The hall reminded us of a aircraft hanger but smelt like a cowshed but we were not too bothered, we were here to see Freddie and the boys.

What seemed like days finally ended and the lights dimmed. The 3-4 thousand fans held their breath and then we were all deafened by Brian's searing guitar to the introduction to 'Tie your mother down'. Thunder flashes exploded blinding us for a split second, then the lights came to life and there they were in all there majestic glory, Freddie in a all in one white jump suit thrashing out the vocals, Roger and John winding the percussion section into overdrive... this was the moment where Queen got their hooks well and truly into us and we will never forget it. I've seen Queen 10 times since then in some of the biggest concert arenas in the U.K. but I will never forget that first time, that first song.

Rest in peace Fred, long live Queen.