Queen in Detroit, Michigan, USA on 18.01.1977 (written by Nancy Madeja)

Queen came back to Detroit January 18, 1977 and my two best friends were there but this time we were going to go to the Ponchartrain Hotel after the concert and sit in the lobby and hope the band shows up. We did not even know if they were staying there or what we would do if we saw them. All of us were well dressed so the hotel did not mind us loitering in the reception area. And then the unbelievable occurred. We saw the band ascend into the lobby from an escalator 30 feet from us. It was like the earth stood still. We did not move. All I remember is Roger Taylor wearing a gorgeous full length light brown fur coat with his blond hair all about. He looked like a Greek god to me. And then they vanished from sight and the three of us sat there awestruck. I was so taken by the sight of Roger that I never noticed the rest of the band! My friends saw Freddie and Brian. I do remember the roadie staff trailing behind and they said hi girls. We drove home in a daze.