Queen in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA on 16.01.1977 (written by Tom Crayton)

I was at a Queen concert I believe it was at the convention center here in Indianapolis, IN on or around 1976. I have not read any history on this event. This is more than likely due to the weather that evening hitting a record low, with wind chill of around -50F. Car batteries were exploding in idol cars that night. It was dangerous to even venture out. I believe the show was sold out. However only about 500 to 1000 people max showed due to the weather. Queen played their full set, but left the house lights on. I remember there was a runway where Freddie would walk out on. His hair was long then. I walked up to the edge of the stage and he would look right down at you as if he were singing to you. It made me feel a little akward like a person could get pulled up on stage at any time. It was very personal and up close. I kind of shyed away from the stage area but anyone was free to walk right up to his feet and look right up at him singing his heart out. I remember seeing vise try to bust a kid probably selling dope in a bathroom. He slipped out of his coat and ran out a side door into the weather. Never knew what happened to him. Just thought I would share that as it was one of the most remarkable moments in concert history I ever witnessed.

I looked this up on the weather archive on the net here in Indy. The coldest day of 1977 was January 17, with a low temperature of -19F. With that I think it pretty much coincides that this is when the wind-chill hit -51 and only about 500-1000 people showed up for the show. Like I said, they left the houselights on and it was like a big party in someones garage. The concert setting was so unbelievable the only thing that comes close to that is the fact that I have never heard anything about it anywhere.