Queen in Sydney, Australia on 17.04.1976 (written by Susan Wilson)

I was 17 and my best friend at school said her Dad could get us tickets to see the band Queen who was taking over the airwaves of Australia that summer in 1975 with Bohemian Rhapsody. I'm so glad I said yes, and with her guidance we made black capes with lightening flashes to wear on the night. She said "Everyone gets dressed up for concerts!" She had been to see Lou Reed in January.

On the 17th April 1976, travelling on the train I had butterflies that danced around like elephants in my tummy...the excitement was scary! The venue was the Hordern Pavillion inside the Sydney Showground during The Sydney Easter Show and there were people everywhere. I think we were the only ones in capes!!!

Well it's almost 35 years ago and I still love Queen. Their music is my absolute favourite. And that first concert...well I was just in awe the whole time... I remember Freddie inviting us out of our seats to have a good time. So my friend and I got as close to the front as we could. Roger's drum solo during Brighton Rock rocked and the rest is gone, only the feelings of absolute bliss remain, and the stem of a rose that Freddie threw to the audience...someone else got the flower, but I've still got that stem and my ticket to remind me it was real, I was there, they were fantastic.

My friend pulled me round to the back of the building after the show just in time to see the boys get into a limo surrounded by excited fans, and I think poor Rog got his hair pulled. They drove off and away, but my obsession had just begun.

Anyone else out there corroborate my faded memories?