Queen in Chicago, Illinois, USA on 23.02.1976 (written by Mark Sturr)

This is my story from the 2/23 & 2/24 1976 Queen dates in Chicago at the Auditorium Theater.

I was 15 years old and living in the Chicago area. We used to go to a lot of concerts back then because there was always somebody good playing at one of the downtown venues. I was fortunate enough to see many bands at their prime, Ten Years After, The Who, David Bowie, Genesis, etc., and of course QUEEN.

We bought tickets last minute for the show on 2/23/1976. The Auditorium Theater is one of those old theaters with the overhanging side boxes. They each had 6 big overstuffed very comfortable chairs, and it was like having a private little room looking directly over the stage. The ticket cost $7.50 which was a good chunk of change back then.

I remember Freddy coming out in a white leotard type of jump suit. The venue was sold out. Just packed to the gills. This was the "Night At The Opera Tour". No backup band, just Queen at thier prime.

When we left the venue after the show, I remember I was so enthralled with the preformance that I wanted to see them again. They were doing two shows so I had my chance to go again on the next night 2/24/1976. I went the next night and bought a ticket from a guy outside for a couple of dollars. I had my ticket stub from the night before, so after I entered the venue instead of using the ticket I bought outside to show the usher, I showed him my ticket from the night before. They looked exactly alike except for the date. He ushered me to the same box seat that I had from the night before! So I didn't have to sit in the nosebleed seat that I bought cheap. I sat in the Box seat again. I couldn't believe nobody came to claim the seat. It was just as awesome as the first night. The only difference was that Freddy had on a Black leotard jump suit instead of the white one. Of all the concerts I've ever been to, this is the only one I had the desire to see two nights in a row, and boy am I glad I did. I call it a historical moment.