Queen in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 29.01.1976 (written by Mark C)

The second time I saw Queen was at the Music Hall, Boston in 1976... 10th row center. Great show! After the show me and two friends were hanging around in the back alley, smoking a joint, talking about the show when two black limos pulled up and into the alley. There were about ten people in the alley. The drivers got out and opened the back door, then the back door to the Music Hall opened and there was Queen with Joe Perry from Aerosmith about to get into the limo; also two very hot chicks with them. All the people in the alley rushed to the door. I went around to the other side of the limo and opened the car door. Face to face with Brian May I handed him my program and all four Queen members signed it...TOO COOL... I still have it to this day.