Queen in Newcastle, UK on 11.12.1975 (written by Mark Newbury)

After seeing Queen appear on TOTP (Seven Seas of Rhye?), couple of friends & I became devoted fans.

When the late 1975 tour was advertised, that vey day we rushed down local travel agents - who sold tickets & organised a coach to Newcastle, for the princely sum of GBP 3.50.

Come the day we all trooped down to the coach depot & made good time to Newcastle & glory be, bearing in mind that none of us (15 yr olds) had ever been to a concert before, concert programmes & badges where on sale!!!

Even better... as we where the 1st people to buy a ticket, our seats where dead centre 3 rows or so from the front of the stage.

(I think the tickets went on sale a couple of weeks before BR was released - then everybody wanted one. We where the envy of school.)

Mr Big supported. We where impressed by the fact they had two drummers & we sat all the way through the set, not wanting to miss a moment.

The actual concert itself, well what can I say? Writing this some (nearly) 35 years later I can clearly remember the lights going down, a mounting sense of excitement rippling through the audience & the (taped) opening sequence of Bohemian Rhapsody booming through the speakers. What caught us all by surprise was that the middle section was cut; the band launched into the last section - in an explosion of lights & volume.

City Hall went beserk... my friends & I where floored by the fact that our heroe's where little more than feet away & playing for us.

A truly magnificent concert, the band played for the audience & "put on a show to remember" (the amount of times I subsequently went to see (quite often big & famous) bands who went through the motions so to speak...)

Alas... things where never quite the same after that. I never really got into Night at the Opera & a year or so later heard the Pistols & the Clash for the 1st time.

But hey! They may have gone onto bigger & better things, but as far as us 15 yr olds where concerned on the coach back home, 11th Dec 1975 was the night Queen truly ruled the world.