Queen in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on 06.02.1975 (written by Terry)

I wanted to comment on the information that was posted on the site about the 1975 concert that was supposed to be played in Cincinnati, Ohio at the night club 'Reflections' (named after the song by the Supremes).

The club was located right next to the University of Cincinnati Campus and was mostly a place to drink beer and dance. It really was not a concert hall. It was a place where your feet stuck to the floor from spilled beer.

The concert was in fact cancelled in February 1975. I purchased a ticket at the urging of a friend who'd heard of Queen. She told me they were a great band and we MUST get tickets. So I did!

We headed over in the freezing cold only to be stopped at the box office...WHAT!? We were told a manager of Queen had taken one look at the place and it did not meet 'Queens standards'! The concert was cancelled. We were told we could stay to see Mahogany Rush for free and they gave us our money back.

I will say there were no lines a the box office or club. It seemed to me they had not sold a lot of tickets or there would have been a line or a crowd.

We came in out of the cold and sat down on small folding chairs to see Mahogany Rush. There were maybe 30 people there tops.

Over all , the place was rather small for a big performance band like Queen.

Mahogany Rush were troopers and put on a show.

We left and headed out into the cold. As far as a rescheduled Cincinnati concert later that year, I cannot attest to that. I was in college and would have gone home for the summer.

I do know during that year Queen became a national band on the radio and I am sure they never played a dump again like Reflections.

Cheers everyone. I enjoyed sharing my story and seeing the original flyer someone posted.

Queen in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on 06.02.1975 (written by Jim Lucas)

I came to your site trying to figure out the date of a Queen concert that I went to in Cincinnati. I don't see it in your search engine so I will tell you what I know for sure. It was a Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati. I am totally positive that Kansas opened for them.

What was great about it was the way they setup the stage. They didn't sell alot of tickets so they built the stage in the middle of the floor and all the seats were on one end. Every seat was a fantastic one.

It was the only time I saw Kansas and the first time I saw Queen. I saw Queen later at University of Dayton arena in Dayton Ohio. You show that concert in 1977 and I'm sure that was the second time I saw them. I looked on a Kansas tour website and it shows them touring with Queen in Ohio in 1975. It shows Kansas and Queen in Columbus Ohio on February 5th and Dayton Ohio on February 7th of 1975 but never together in Cincinnati.

You have a picture of a concert list showing them at Reflections. A bar in Cincinnati on February 6th 1975. I have never been to Reflections so I'm sure I didn't see them there. I bet the Reflections date was moved to Riverfront Coliseum with Kansas. If it was a mid tour change it probably doesn't show up on either band's list of past concert dates.

The memory of Brian May playing Briton Rock on that short stage is burned into my memory as one of my greatest concert memories. that is why I am so positive about where it was and I'm sure it was with Kansas.