Queen + Paul Rodgers in Kharkov, Ukraine on 12.09.2008 (written by Dennis)

Hello, friends!!!

This story is about the Ukrainian gig Queen an Paul did in cold September of 2008. How to describe the feelings of mine when I learned Queen were about to deliver this show in my country ? Impossible - years of adoration and there you go!!! A free concert of Queen beside you - happiness).

Me, sister of mine and my friends took a train to Kharkov on the 11th of September at 14:45 and spent a sleepless night in the train intoxicating with beer preparing for the show. At 00:04 we arrived to the city of students as we call it. We were lucky to stay at the train station till the morning but we never slept. At six o'clock in the morning we were standing in front of the stage with a few maniacs like us - the stage equipment had been set up already - everything as I had seen in the videos - AC-30s of Bri, the gigantic stage with a fabulous screen. My first thought was - this is not the Queen stage - I could bet the Wembley stage was bigger or at least more impressive. Two words about the Freedom Square - it's the biggest square in Europe and I say it is!!! Then we went to see the wonderful city - it's terrific!!! Very European-like - but the central part only!!!

I had personally applied for the fan zone tickets via e-mail one month before the gig - we went to the Kharkov Queen Fan Club located in a dirty planetarium (!) and received them - there were lots of people waiting for a special bus to deliver them to the Square but we decided to go on feet - good decision we made! We were there much more earlier than those people and we enjoyed the sound check. Roger was the first one who appeared - we were standing left toward the stage - and no-one of the three hundred people noticed it was him!!! He started to play on the B-stage and then I yelled - THAT'S ROGER!!! He was white in his hair and a bit fat. And then all the people saw Bri and his Red Special!!!

It was a wonderful experience - what more can I say ?

The concert was tremendous - the sound was so tight and fat that my stomach was vibrating every time Roger hit the bass drum. In the end he threw his sticks and one of them was caught by me!!! It was Vic Firth RT - fabulous thing to possess :)

Another gentle evening ended...