Brian May + Roger Taylor in London, UK on 10.03.2007 (written by fans on QueenOnline)

We were right at the back last row and they started by filming the ending first. WWRY cast came down thru the crowd to the stage (full cast) to sing, about half way thru curtain dropped on side stage on Queen joined it, great performance, at the end they called for a retake, so we enjoyed it a second time.

As mentioned in previous posts due to time constraints they did the end bit first which sounded and looked amazing. The cast performed magically and when the curtain dropped for Brian and Roger to play, the place erupted. I was delighted that they decided to do a second shot so we got to see it all again. I was not too sure of the waist coast that Peter was wearing as Galileo but the rest of the cast were in full costume and really looked the part. I assume they had a coach waiting to take them back to the Dominion otherwise there would have been strange looks on the tube!