Queen + Paul Rodgers in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA on 26.03.2006 (written by Nikki Pace)

I thought I would put in my 2 cents about this concert.

My kids and I had FL R row 23 on the inside isle 5 rows from the catwalk. Perfect shot up the isle to see everything, and the security guard LET us go up to the catwalk during the encore! I think he saw that we behaved during the show and we enjoyed every moment without incident. He actually came up to my 12 year old daughter and asked HER if she wanted to up there. There were other people from the floor there, but not a mass.

I'm glad they didn't let just anyone up there through the show, because I paid top dollar for my tickets and if people came up from behind and stood in front of me, I wouldn't be happy.

I also spotted Rogers flubs, but that made both him and me smile. I also noticed that Brian was walking gingerly at some points during the show. Still recovering, I guess.

I was also disappointed at the lack of hands up during Radio Ga Ga. This was my kids and my only chance to do this and we took full advantage and even showed a few people how to do it!

We screamed, we cried, we had the time of our lives. And as Roger sang, I enjoyed it through my kids.

Nikki Pace, Omaha (drove 500 miles to see them)