Queen + Paul Rodgers in Toronto, Canada on 16.03.2006 (written by Robert)

Last week (16th March) I packed up my son and dragged him off to see the best group in the world perform. I had been listening to him go on about Nine Inch Nails and other obscure bands and how marvelous they were in concert and decided to show him what a real band was like. The last time I had seen Queen perform was 1982 in Toronto. Although we didn't have the pleasure of Freddie's company I knew that Brian and Roger wouldn't let me down and they didn't! They were fantastic! I was a little nervous about Paul Rodgers but what a class act he is! He didn't try and mimic Freddie and stood back several times to showcase our number one man. I admire him so much for doing that. What incrediblely tallented Brian and Roger are, I was taken back 20 years seing them there strutt their stuff. My son, yep, he had to admit it. They were and still are the best group in the world.

Queen + Paul Rodgers in Toronto, Canada on 16.03.2006 (written by Lisa)

I have been a Queen fan for a long time. I was extremely lucky to see them in Toronto in 1977 and a photographer friend of mine took some great pics for me (he had better seats!) Well, when I found out about Queen + Paul coming back to T.O. I just had to go and take my kids with me. I wish they could have seen Freddy perform but I have to admit Paul was incredible! Brian hasn't lost his touch and as my son plays guitar (he's 13) he now has his "guitar god". Apart from Queen in '77 that was the BEST concert I have seen in a very long time!!!