Queen + Paul Rodgers in Duluth, Georgia, USA on 07.03.2006 (written by Bonnzzo)

When I was a little boy, I used to remember my parents having the typical 70s house parties with all that, that stuff entails and from the earliest recollection of all that for some reason or another I remember All Dead, All Dead playing in the background during all of the commotion. I remember the spooky (to a child) guitar effects to Get Down Make Love and for all it's worth, I remember that damn scary as hell album cover of News of the World at least to a 6 or 7 year old. A along the years as I grew got my dad's Queen records and began buying the CDs and from that point forward other then Zeppelin, they were my band. They were with me though the good times and the bad. But as we all know from that fateful day that the U.S.A witnessed the I Want To Break Free video and completely lost its collective mind, Queen felt unwelcome here and the people that felt it was there right to tell us what was right and wrong made them feel unwelcome. A sad, sad day for a raging Queen fan. So as everybody else in the free world was enjoying Queen live, we here is the States were relegated to Live Magic for god's sake. So to make a long story short, I never believed that I would ever be able to see one member of Queen, much less two and in a tour for that matter. I am one who thinks that thet even though Bri and Rog are in this band, without Deak or Freddie there is no Queen any more but as stated earlier, you cant grip if you are an American and this is all that you get.

On with the show:

My girlfriend and I drove 5.5 hours from Florida and got to Atlanta Mon morning and mess around until Tue night and we got to the stadium around 6:45 and the show was a hour away so we had time to wonder around and stuff and notice a few things. One thing that I noticed and I dont know if people across the Atlantic have this problem, but it is with all these people wondering in to a concert 2 mins before the lights go down or 10 mins after for that matter. Focusing on THIS concert, I wanted to be there to see the freaking roadies put Brian Freaking May's guitar on the rack, I mean for a Queen fan you should want to see all that I digress.

The lights dimmed a bit and then the Tolling Of The Bell, preceded Hells Bells (which was played at the same time during the Miami and Jacksonville Show, so I assume that that is part of the show), then the lights went out totally and up came the FREAKING RED QUEEN LIGHTS, going all over the place, just like in the 70s. Then Eminem's Lose Yourself played and then:

Reaching Out: I have always thought that this is a very beautiful song and wish that there was more off it on this tour.

Tie Your Mother Down: From Bri's first note the place went nuts and this 29 yr old Queen fan's eyes teared a bit. Maybe due to the fact that this wasn't Live Killers, I WAS ACTUALLY THERE or due to the fact that during all the jubilation all I could think of was Freddie running out with his half mike stand and his derby hat tilted revving the crowd up like he could. With a wink to the sky I said, thanks to Freddie and lost my freaking mind as the show went on.

Fat Bottomed Girls: I love Roger's harmonies on this. Being a drummer he is my favorite and my Idol. The rhythm section seems to really enjoy this one, especially the ending. Great crowd participation with the chorus.

I Want to Break Free: I very welcome addition (if you will) to the American tour. I keep up with Queen news and I was prepared to (NOT) here this one, due to the fact that this was the song that was the focal point to the Queen backlash in the early 80s. I looked at my girlfriend and said "They are going to play it!" I'm I the only one who thinks that this is some kind of hidden joke with them playing it in the States? ... kind of a back atcha.

Crazy Little Think Called Love: Came across like I expected. This and AOBTD I thought would be some of the best responses, due to all the casual fans who know these or think that all Queen did was on GH 1 and 2 for crying out loud.

'39: For those who dont know this is where Bri comes out on the catwalk and does the acoustic set and for those who were not there, the next two songs were some of the most surprising tonight. Bri: Coming back to the parts really brings back a lot of memories, the last time we were here we were playing to your parents... let's say we come back down the road and play for your children which the crowd went crazy. Bri: This is probably as close as we are going to be coming around here so thanks for coming. And the funniest moment of the night: Bri: I here you guys like country music down in these parts? The crowd booed loudly, then here compared country music and blues in the states to skiffel in Europe and went into '39 and as a Queen fan I would give the crowd a 8 as far as singing along and knowing the lyrics, which surprised me and especially Bri.

Love of My Life: The song for Freddie per Bri. One again the crowd gets a 8 and Bri was visibly surprised.

Hammer to Fall: Due to the War in Irag, Brian made the following statement. Bri: I will not even say anything about this song and then he went right into it.

Feel Like Making Love: I am not a big Paul Rodgers fan but the classic rock fans in the crowd loved it.

Drum Solo: I would rather have the timpani solo from the 70s but hey, it's Roger Taylor so his hokey little solo is better then most other drummers solos.

I'm In Love with My Car: There have been conflicting opinions on the internet on what Roger said before this song, as in: I forgot what I was going to say so, F*** It! but what was said was I gave you the Rock, now here is the Funk? Then he went into what I think is one of the best songs in Rock History.

Guitar Solo: Another one of Bri long winded solos.

Last Horizon: It is me or does this sound like Dave Gillmors solo in Pigs off Pink Floyd's Animals.

Bad Company: See Feel Like Making Love.

Another One Bites the Dust: See Crazy.

Dragon Attack: The crowd loved it, but it seemed labored, it dragged along. Roger looked as if he was going to fall off the stool with a arm cramp. For those off you who are not drummers out there, playing steady 16 beats on the High Hat on that song is not easy. But as stated earlier... I WAS WATCHING DRAGON ATTACK LIVE, so who cares.

Days of Our Lives: A wonderful trip down memory lane. Good crowd response when Deak and Freddie was shown.

Radio Ga Ga: Man, every time I hear that song no matter how many times I hear it, brings back so many memories. One of my favorites. And I must say, the crowd surprised me. I mean it wasn't Wembley Stadium, it was Atlanta but there was enough people doing the hand claps to make me say to myself: Ok, they did not embarrass me to much and you know it is a damn shame that I had to have that little thought. It is that hard to be a Queen fan and learn the claps.

Show Must Go On: For some reason I thought that it came early, I thought it came later on. I liked it, the other Queen fans liked it, but a lot of other people seemed to not get it.

Bo Rap: What more needs to be said, I was happy and sad at the same time. Other Queen fans understand me, others my think I am crazy.

Rock You: I thought it was funny that they had to have backing tracks to help some people get the claps and stomps. Oh yea, we are in America.

All Right Now: Like the title says, I was saying all right now where is. We Are The Champions.

We Wre The Champs: Man that was great. People hugging and swaying. And like I told my girlfriend, those people just witnessed the best concert that they ever saw and they did not even know it.

God Save the Queen: All Queen fans know that THIS is the last Queen song, not We Are The Champions.

Overall, It was the time of my life, and aside to seeing Page and Plant (being that I am the Biggest Zeppelin Fan on the Planet) this was the best concert that I have ever seen and unless Bonzo comes back or Deak come out of retirement it will be in my top two. I would have liked to have seen George Michael front the band out of all the people who could have did it, thus my bias toward Paul.

Queen to me are part of my life and they in a funny way are like family. They are with me when I get up in the morning, and go to bed at night. I wear Freddie's Let me Live bracelet everywhere I go. People ask me about it and I tell them about it. And one day when I have a kid, I will show him News Of The World and he can make his own memories cause we all know the Show must go on.