Queen + Paul Rodgers in Lisbon, Portugal on 02.07.2005 (written by Lino Galveias)

Oh man what a weekend! I lost my voice and came out voiceless at the end of the gig!!

Well the doors opened at about 5.15pm and I ran with my sister (it looked like the Wembley DVD with everyone running for a better pace near the stage and catwalk!) Then we sat (I was in the right side of the catwalk, quite close to the stage, next to plenty of my fellow Portuguese Queen Fan Club mates. Then we had plenty of time for getting water and some official stuff (I bought a black T-shirt) and then the first artists, a Portuguese band called Hands on Approach, came up and did quite a nice show. Then they ended and another guys, Fingertips, did bother me a bit apart from 3 songs... well it was good to meet the people, to chat, take piccies and etc. Stadium crowd was more than 20.000 people, according to what I read. Advertising by the promoter was, and sorry for the word, shitty.

Well then the lights came down, It's a Beautiful Day started to play, it had been 33C during the day, and the crowd started to cheer up loud! Then we started to sing along to Eminem's Lose Yourself and then Paul comes up to the stage to sing the great Reaching Out! During that, we started to look at our right side of the stage where Brian was preparing to enter and were astonished.

The he comes up and plays Tie Your Mother Down and we were hysterically screaming "ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Brian", it looked like Brian had come out of our TV screen, or from the computer. It was so cool!!

The gig was great, it is even said that it was better than the Madrid one, and one of the best from the tour. The crowd jumped, sang along, I screamed "Brian" during Love of my Life and it was so cool to look right into Brian's, Paul's and the others' eyes. Paul did a great job, Mr. Trip Khalaf did a great job with the sound system!!

Oh I was stunned, we were so moved by the images of Freddie on the big screen during Boh Rhap and TATDOOL, and during the guitar dolo, by the skies, the Dominion (they could have put Freddie's statie in Montreux) and by the roof of Buckingham Palace.

People wanted some surprises like Innuendo, it was great to hear Show Must go On and the people sang to All Right Now, which made Paul very happy! I still have to upload my piccies! The crowd screamed "Freddie" when Brian dedicated Love Of My Life to him, and it was a climax of the night!

We were all stunned at the end of the gig, I was voiceless from singing all the time! Roger did great with the drum solo, Love With My Car and his singing, and during the whole set, although he had his hand hurt, and Spike did great on the piano and so did Jamie and Danny, who did their job very well! And Paul sang the stuff his way and people coped very well with him!!

It is surely a night never to forget in my life, the stage is currently the biggest in open air gigs, sound is neat and they used the catwalk quite a few times!! A day to remember - I am sure of it and the ticket I have is a cult object! :)

Queen + Paul Rodgers in Lisbon, Portugal on 02.07.2005 (written by Andre)

July 2nd 2005,about 20 o'clock and I was entering Estadio do Restelo to see for the first time Queen live on Portugal. I bought a white shirt with the logo of "A Night at the Opera and I wore it. I was really excited to see Queen but I was little sad because I wouldn't see Freddie. However Paul Rodgers is a good singer too, in my opinion. For me the best moments were: when everybody put their hands up on Radio Ga Ga, what an incredible sight; when they put a scene on the beginning of Bohemian Rhapsody showing Freddie playing the piano and singing; and when they played We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, The Show Must Go On and before playing Love of My Life, Brian May said that that music would be dedicated to "a guy who we will never see again, Freddie". I loved this concert and I will never forget it!