Queen + Paul Rodgers in Belfast, UK on 13.05.2005 (written by Arthur Ross)

I had seen Queen on that last tour, when they played Slane almost 20 years earlier. My good buddy, who plays in a Queen tribute band had organised my ticket; actually he had organised 3. "Well, you will want to bring your kids with you, won't you?". Silly me - of course.

A fantastic show and, unlike that previous gig, we were able to appreciate the phenomenal light show. The way it was stage managed was awesome. This could so easily have become maudlin. To Brian and Roger's credit, the balance was just about perfect. We will never forget Freddie, he is and always will be a part of Queen but we have to move on and it is the music that matters. Those songs will still be played long after we are all gone. Paul Rodgers was superb. He didn't try to mimic; he just performed................... and what a performance. And how great to see and hear Roger upfront with the mike.

Haven't you walked out of a concert, adrenaline rushing through your veins wishing you could re-live it all again? So did we. The next night they were playing in Dublin. "We should try and get tickets for that as well". Of course, usually the next morning emotions have subsided and you just don't bother. Hey, it had been nearly 20 years. Who wants to wait longer than absolutely necessary? So the next day we are all squeezing into a car and heading to The Point Theatre, Dublin.

Was it as good the second time round.? You better believe it!!!

Queen + Paul Rodgers in Belfast, UK on 13.05.2005 (written by Steve Smith)

It was Friday the 13th - unlucky for some - but not for me going to see my very first Queen concert with Paul Rodgers! They played all the classics and Paul Rodgers did brilliantly trying to fill Freddie's shoes! Really got the crowd going!

Throught the show we saw Paul Rodgers is very skilled with a mic stand - spinning it above his head and throwing the stand 20 ft in the air and catching it again! Very impessive!

I now have a new favourite song - although not a Queen one it was amazing as an encore and haven't been able to stop singing it - It has to be 'Alright Now'!

Very effective as part of the encore set list and really got the crowd going!