Queen + Paul Rodgers in Leipzig, Germany on 17.04.2005 (written by Andreas Gabriel)

My girlfriend and I spent the weekend in Leipzig, because the concert was on Sunday and Leipzig is a nice town. We came from Berlin, which is about 2 hours away by car.

I was very nervous already the Sunday morning because this would be my first Queen concert. I became a Queen fan in 1989 when I was 15 years old, and the Magic Tour was over for 3 years...!

By lunchtime I went to the Arena and asked a guy when the soundcheck was. He told me the time and I tried to get in the Arena, but without a chance. So I could hear Brian and Roger doing their soundchecks, which was interesting.

Then a few hours later we entered the Leipzig-Arena. It was possible to get near to the stage.

Both of us were very happy to be only seconds away from seeing Queen live for the very first time.

Then the lights went out and "A beautiful day" came as a tape-intro, and after that a song by Eminem, which was funny! And then Paul Rodgers came on stage alone with "Reaching Out". After that the show started with "Tie Your Mother Down" and the party began. The audience was so happy to see Brian and Roger and they felt it and smiled so much. After some songs Roger came on stage alone and performed a wonderful version of the new Queen song "Say It's Not True". He also made some fun and introduced members of the band as "guys from Leipzig".

I was completely happy with the show and Paul Rodgers, who did his own thing and didn't try to imitate Freddie.

Highlights for me were "I Want It All", The Days Of Our Lives" and "The Show Must Go On" live. I also loved it when Freddie "came" on stage during Bo Rap. For us it was a wonderful evening!