Queen in London, UK on 19.02.1971 (written by Paul Smith)

I was one of about 6 people who saw the Hornsey Town gig on 19th February 1971. It was my first ever gig, and as 'The Queen' (as they were billed) were bottom of the bill, they were the first band I ever saw live. They were supporting the Pretty Things and The Pink Fairies, and I was one one the few people who had turned up early enough to see them. Little did I know I was seeing history in the making, and there were loads of fliers & posters around the hall which I am now kicking myself for not picking up. I have often wondered whether 'The Queen' were 'Queen', and it was really great to have that confirmed by this website. I remember enjoying the set, and I'd like to imagine that I saw the star quality immediately, but to be honest what I remember most clearly about that night was how great the 'Parachute'-era Pretty Things were. (And I missed the Pink Fairies altogether as I had to get the last bus!). My wife has seen Queen at Wembley, so we've seen both ends of the spectrum 6 to 70.000