Queen in Ewell, UK on 09.01.1971 (written by Kevin May)

I have a memory of seeing Genesis playing second bill to Caravan at Ewell technical college in Surrey, I think the year was 1971 and the band were playing the set featuring music from Nursery Cryme. Queen were third on the bill. This was probably the best line up of bands I've ever seen together. Genesis as usual were brilliant. All for about L5, maybe less. Can't be bad, eh? Sweet memories...

Queen in Ewell, UK on 09.01.1971 (written by Jo Pritchard)

Thanks for your site. It has enabled me to track down the only time I ever saw Queen live which was 9.1.71 at Ewell tech.

I have great memories of seeing Queen playing as they were way down on the bill (can't really remember who else was on that night) but thought they were the best thing that evening. Very memorable as they didn't even play on the stage but on the floor to one side and there can't have been more than 20 people watching them. Consequently I was feet away from them and had a great show with Freddie camping it up and winking at me the whole set. I'm not gay but thought it was real good fun and couldn't believe people had walked away. If you know who else was on that night I'd be interested to know as I've forgotten, I think it may have been Genesis as well and 3 or 4 others. I went to a lot of gigs at Ewell Tech around that time, saw loads of bands but this was the most memorable as I just knew this band was going to be big. I was 19 at the time.