Queen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on 23.02.1975 (written by Brian M.)

first saw Queen at the Erlanger Theatre in Philly 2/23/75. Took the bus then the EL. My buddy was a big Queen fan. At the time my favorite band was Foghat. On the way to the concert I asked my friend who was the back-up band. He said "I think the back-up band is something called KANSAS" and I said... "I've heard of them' I hear they're pretty good". The Erlanger Theater was an old movie and play theater with chandeliers, etc. Kansas came on first and was unbelievable. Queen came on after and put on a great show, but I have to say Kansas put on a better show.

The second time I saw Queen was at the Tower Theater in '76. The day of the show there was a major snow fall. We did not have tickets. When we got to the Tower we were able to buy tickets for 9th row center. Queen put on one of the best shows I have ever seen. I guess they did it for all the crazy bastards like me that went over and above in the snow to see them.