Queen in London, UK on 14.12.1973 (written by Dan Stopczynski)

The first time I saw Queen in concert was when they were supporting Mott The Hoople at Hammersmith Odeon on 14th December 1973. I have kept my ticket stub ever since as I do for all the concerts I attend.

Also, this was a very memorable concert in more ways than one. I felt that Queen stole the show as the support band even though MTH were very good. But, the image that sticks in my mind is the way that the concert ended. As this was the second performance of the day, the concert started quite late and overrun its alloted time. The management obviously did not want thousands of fans emptying the theatre in the early hours of the morning so they brought the safety curtain down on MTH whilst they were still playing at midnight! I worry if any other fans remember this event?

Queen in London, UK on 14.12.1973 (written by Tony W.)

I recall the curtain being brought down on Mott very well. In fact the Mott organist (Morgan Fisher I think) pushed his keyboard under the curtain as it was lowering to stop it covering the band completely. This was enough for me to rush to the front and try and climb over the rail surrounding the pit in front of the stage. I only managed to straddle the rail before splitting the crotch of my south sea bubble loons - happy days!

Eye opening support from Queen, we could see something special was going to happen here - how right we were.