The Cross in London, UK on 10.03.1988 (written by MM)

It must have been around 1988 when I went to a Cross concert at some venue in Camden Town, London. The concert was fine, Roger rocked, and Brian made a guest appearance (he didn't play, though), but the night was made for me when later, outside the venue, I saw somebody come out of the Backstage Door... just some chap who then proceeded to take his backstage pass off his coat as he was walking off. I approached him and asked if I could have it. I couldn't believe it when he just handed it to me without a word. It was very busy outside and the bouncers hadn't seen this. I then went in and eventually arrived at a Bar. I couldn't believe my eyes. There was Roger, Brian, and Robert Plant standing right in the centre of the large room and talking to each other. There were several other musicians there, e.g. Tony Hadley, but I don't remember anybody else. I managed a very brief chat with Roger and Brian (separately) but I was really stumped for words and couldn't really say much beyond how their music had affected my life. They thanked me for what I said and shook my hand. I didn't sleep that night.