The Cross in Newcastle, UK on 28.02.1988 (written by Chris)

I often check out your great site and today I noticed that the "The Cross" were at the Mayfair in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Well I was there, along with my very good friends "Lee and Mark". I only have two photos of the gig took with an old camera and a flash you had to attach! Before the gig we were outside and hoping for an autograph, no such luck! The bouncers made sure of that, anyway the bus pulled up around 4-5pm and Roger didn't know how fast to scurry into the Mayfair. I accidently shoulder charged "Peter Noone" chasing after Roger. During the gig "Ya-Ya" were so-so but I remember the excitement having seen Queen at St.James in 86 (lucky me). We were right down the front and I got chatty with a member of the crew, a really nice lady who to this day I don't know her name? When Roger came on he got showered with Cadbury's flakes (the advert + the future Mrs Taylor). The gig itself was really good and when "love with my car" was played everyone sang the Freddie bit (oh Yeah). The best bit for me was "Love lies bleeding", Roger really knew how to whip up the crowd and we had a really great night. Enjoy the snaps, I'm just sorry there are not anymore of what proved to be a long wait until I saw Roger live again, 2005/08. I actually saw Brian May live twice as well, Whitley Bay Ice Rink and Newcastle City hall, but sadly no pictures!