Roger Taylor in Nottingham, UK on 31.03.1999 (written by David Backhouse)

The Atmosphere in Nottingham's Rock City was, to say the least, Electric. I spoke with many people that night and very few were seeing Roger for the first time on this tour, many had been to other gigs previously and therefore knew what to expect and had come back for more.

Every time I've seen Roger and his band on this tour they have gotten better and better, and tonight's gig was no exception. It was the last one I was to get to and definetely the best.

The main highlight of the concert was C'mon Down London Town.

The Manchester performance of this song was a bit of a mixed noise that didn't quite gel, but tonight's performance was excellent. Treana's voice stood out (she's getting very confident and likes improvising), but the biggest surprise came at the end. Keith Prior kept banging away at the drums and the rest of the band stopped and waited for him to finish. Whether this was planned or a surprise to the band I don't know, but when Keith had finished Roger, staring at Keith and still sitting at his drums, looked out at the audience, grinned from ear to ear, nodded slightly, picked up his own drumsticks and improvised a drum solo himself, completely blowing Keith's effort out of existence. Naturally we all lapped it up and Roger got an amazing cheer at the end.

A fantastic night, especially for my friend Simon who, after waiting seven years, finally got the promised pair of drumsticks as used by Mr. Taylor himself. Lucky Sod!