Roger Taylor in Stoke On Trent, UK on 19.03.1999 (written by Sandie)

We arrived at Stoke about 5.15pm just as the great man arrived. Sue, my friend went up to him and shook his hand and Roger seemed quite happy that we had all made the effort.

Off he went for the sound check, which lasted about half an hour. Unfortunately he then slipped out of a back door, mainly because the crowd by then had increased. The rest of the band emerged and were very happy to sign autographs and pose for photos.

Doors opened late on this cold night, but spirits were high. 6.45pm they let us in and the excitement mounted. Small is not the word, but very quaint!!

Got to the front of the stage and prepared for the show to begin.

Treana came on first and as usual a wonderful performance, that girl can sure sing. Again as soon as she started Sleeping on the Sidewalk the crowd just erupted and the singing began.

Roger then came on and the noise was amazing, maybe cos it was such a small venue, but it really did seem to lift the rafters.

As the stage was so small, Roger and the band were just so close and you really could just reach out your hand and touch him!

He didn't change the set list from Glos, except to take out People on Streets and replace it with Break Free.

He joked with the audience and held out his hands to be shaken so many times and was always smiling. I don't think he even forgot the lyrics!!

The highlight of the night for us, apart from holding his hand, was the fact for 3 songs he took his glasses off and showed us his lovely blue eyes! The girls just went wild and Mr Taylor just kept on smiling. It was over far to quick , but the memories will carry on a lot longer, because this was one show that really did ROCK.