Roger Taylor in Valletta, Malta on 24.01.1995 (written by Ronnie Gauci)

The 24th of January 1995 was a very important date for me as Roger Taylor one of my childhood idols was arriving to Malta for a concert. So knowing how special it was I planned this day very carefully, in the afternoon I went to the Malta International Airport and thanks to my pass I succeeded in meeting Roger as soon as he entered the building from his Air Malta plane. I was wearing The Cross "Blue Rock" T-Shirt, he looked very surprised that someone in Malta owned this T-Shirt and he approached me and was very kind to chat for a few seconds with me and to sign my "Box Of Tricks" booklet. This was all very new to me as usually no VIP approaches his fans instead of being approached, this shows what kind of guy Roger is!! Being so close to Roger made me very nervous, you all know what that means I think when you meet a Queen member in flesh and blood!!

His concert was going to be held at the Mediterrenean Conference Centre, an old historical building in Malta's capital city Valletta with contains a huge hall. Earlier that month I had bought all the front row tickets from a friend of mine who used to work at the MCC who kept them hidden for me from other fans, then I re-sold them to all my friends at the pub and so insuring that real rockers would sit in the front row and so double the fun.

The concert was great and everybody had the time of his life especially when he played Queen songs. The crowd really loved "The Show Must Go On", "We Will Rock You" and "Radio Ga Ga" as everybody was clapping his hands from the front to the bottom row.

What else can I say apart from that I will treasure those moments for the rest of my life since I was very young to come by myself to Britain when Queen played their last concert in Knebworth Park back in 1986. Not being able to attend a Queen concert is a pain that unluckily I will have to carry with me until my dying day. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!