22.09.1998 - Concert: Brian May live at the La Cigale, Paris, France
Artist Brian May
Date 22.09.1998
Venue La Cigale
City Paris
Country France
Support band none or unknown
Audio recording 123:14 min. | excellent - quality
Video recording no info available
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Story Brian May came to "La Cigale" on Tuesday 22nd September. Another World was for the taking - and a lot of water rocked under the bridge! (see tour programme, Ha!). The show opened with Mr Conway and an emotion-charging rendition of... [read more]
Line-up Brian May (lead vocals, lead guitar)
Eric Singer (drums and percussion, backing vocals)
Jamie Moses (guitar, backing vocals)
Neil Murray (bass)
Spike Edney (keyboards, backing vocals)
Zoe Nicholas (backing vocals)
Susie Webb (backing vocals)
Program Another World program (world)
Ticket stub Ticket: Concert: Brian May live at the La Cigale, Paris, France [22.09.1998]
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