18.09.1976 - Concert: Queen live at the Hyde Park, London, UK
Artist Queen
Date 18.09.1976
Venue Hyde Park
City London
Country UK
Support band Kiki Dee, Steve Hillage, Supercharge
Audio recording 79:32 min. | very good quality [+ 1 more]
Video recording 80 minutes, professional recording. Unfortunately, the quality of the master tape is not that good so it's unlikely this will ever be released officially. There's also a silent footage (9 min.) with pre-concert shots (from a helicopter).
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Bits and pieces The famous free gig for 150000+ fans. Queen had to finish their performance with 'In The Lap Of The Gods... revisited', they were strictly forbidden to play the usual rock'n'roll medley as second encore. Also during 'The Proghet's Song' the PA-system failed and Freddie had to do his vocal improvisation on his own.
Story Well, I was 13 years old and had got into Queen through Night At The Opera and THAT video. I'd never been to a gig before and it took a lot of convincing of a sceptical mother to let me go to Hyde Park on my own. After answering the inevitable... [read more]
Newspaper article 1
Line-up Freddie Mercury (lead vocals, piano, tambourine),
Brian May (electric guitar, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo),
Roger Taylor (drums, backing vocals, tambourine),
John Deacon (bass guitar, triangle)
Program A Day At The Races special program (Cardiff and Hyde Park)
Pass Press pass for the famous Hyde Park gig
Flyer/ad after Queen in Hyde Park on 18.9.1976
Photos Photo: Concert: Queen live at the Hyde Park, London, UK [18.09.1976] Photo: Concert: Queen live at the Hyde Park, London, UK [18.09.1976] Photo: Concert: Queen live at the Hyde Park, London, UK [18.09.1976] Photo: Concert: Queen live at the Hyde Park, London, UK [18.09.1976] Photo: Concert: Queen live at the Hyde Park, London, UK [18.09.1976]