05.04.2014 - Concert: Brian May live at the St George's Square, Valletta, Malta
Artist Brian May
Date 05.04.2014
Venue St George's Square
City Valletta
Country Malta
Additional info The Candlelight Concerts
Setlist 1. Intro: Badger, Badger, Badger
2. I (Who Have Nothing)
3. I Loved A Butterfly
4. Dust In The Wind
5. Born Free
6. Somebody To Love
7. Tell Me What You See
8. Nothing Really Has Changed
9. The Way We Were
12. Something
10. So Sad
11. '39
13. The Kissing Me Song
14. I'm Not That Girl
15. If I Loved You
16. Last Horizon
17. Love Of My Life
18. I Can't Be Your Friend
19. Is This The World We Created?
20. Tie Your Mother Down
21. No-One But You
22. We Will Rock You
23. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Support band none or unknown
Audio recording 120:43 min. | very good quality
Video recording no info available
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Program Brian May + Kerry Ellis - The Candlelight Concerts 2014-2016
Stage setlist Setlist: Setlist: Kerry Ellis with Brian May in Valletta