16.07.2013 - Concert: Brian May live at the Diga Nazario Sauro, Grado, Italy
Artist Brian May
Date 16.07.2013
Venue Diga Nazario Sauro
City Grado
Country Italy
Additional info Acoustic and by Candlelight Tour 2013
Comment I (Who Have Nothing) was the first song of the show but after a minute they stopped because they realized they started with a wrong song! I (Who Have Nothing) was planned for the end of the show with Irene Fornaciari.
Setlist 1. Intro: Badger Swagger / Badger, Badger, Badger / Badger Boys (Vote for Brian May) / classical track
2. I (Who Have Nothing) - part only
3. Born Free
4. I Loved A Butterfly
5. Dust In The Wind
6. Somebody To Love
7. Tell Me What You See
8. Nothing Really Has Changed
9. Life Is Real
10. The Way We Were
11. Can't Help Falling In Love
12. '39
13. Something
14. No-One But You
15. Last Horizon
16. Love Of My Life
17. I (Who Have Nothing) (with Irene Fornaciari)
18. Cosi Celeste (with Irene Fornaciari)
19. Tie Your Mother Down
20. We Will Rock You
21. The Kissing Me Song
22. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Support band none or unknown
Video recording no info available
Program Brian May + Kerry Ellis - Born Free tour 2012
Ticket stub Ticket: Concert: Brian May live at the Diga Nazario Sauro, Grado, Italy [16.07.2013]
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