24.06.2011 - Guest appearance: Brian May live at the Magma Arts & Congress Hall, Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Spain (Starmus festival with Tangerine Dream)
Artist Brian May
Date 24.06.2011
Venue Magma Arts & Congress Hall
City Costa Adeje, Tenerife
Country Spain
Additional info Starmus festival with Tangerine Dream
Comment The concert was part of the Starmus Festival which celebrated 50
years of space exploration. The 'Star Sounds' piece was a new composition by
Edgar Froese and contained sounds harnessed from the natural vibrations of
stars. The first two tracks were played before the actual Tangerine Dream set
while the other three were part of the encore. The concert will be released on
CD and DVD.
Setlist 1. Star Sounds (Brian on guitar)
2. Last Horizon (Brian on guitar, Hoshiko Yamane on violin)
3. Sally's Garden (Brian on guitar, Linda Spa on flute)
4. We Will Rock You - rock part (Brian on guitar and vocals)
5. We Will Rock You - spheric part (improvisation - Brian on guitar)
Support band none or unknown
Video recording no info available
Downloads Video: youtube