05.05.2011 - Concert: Brian May live at the The Sage, Gateshead, UK
Artist Brian May
Date 05.05.2011
Venue The Sage
City Gateshead
Country UK
Additional info 'Anthems' tour with Kerry Ellis
Comment 'You Had To Be There' was dropped from the set and 'Defying Gravity' was moved from the encore and put before 'We Will Rock You'
Setlist 1. Overture
2. Dangerland (Brian on guitar)
3. I Am Not That Girl (Brian on guitar)
4. I Can't Be Your Friend (Brian on guitar)
5. Diamonds Are Forever (Brian on guitar)
6. Somebody To Love (Brian on guitar)
7. Last Horizon (Brian on guitar)
8. Love Of My Life (Brian on guitar and vocals)
9. I Loved A Butterfly (Brian on guitar)
10. Save Me (Brian on guitar)
11. No-One But You (Brian on guitar)
12. I Love It When You Call (Brian on guitar)
13. Defying Gravity (Brian on guitar)
14. We Will Rock You (Brian on guitar)
15. We Are The Champions (Brian on guitar)
16. Anthem (Brian on guitar)
17. Tie Your Mother Down (Brian on guitar)
Support band Vintage Trouble
Video recording no info available
Program Brian + Kerry Ellis - Anthems tour
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