22.10.2005 - Concert: Queen + Paul Rodgers live at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California, USA
Artist Queen + Paul Rodgers
Date 22.10.2005
Venue Hollywood Bowl
City Los Angeles, California
Country USA
Setlist 01. Intro: It's A Beautiful Day Ross Robertson / DJ Koma 2005 techno mix [tape]
02. Intro: Lose Yourself [tape - Eminem]
03. Intro: Reachin' Out (Paul on vocals + Spike keyboards only)
04. Tie Your Mother Down (Paul on vocals)
05. Fat Bottomed Girls (Paul on vocals)
06. Another One Bites The Dust (Paul on vocals)
07. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Paul on vocals + guitar)
08. Bad Company (Paul on vocals and keyboards)
09. Say It's Not True (Roger on vocals)
10. '39 (Brian on vocals & guitar)
11. Love Of My Life (Brian on vocals & guitar)
12. Hammer To Fall slow/fast (Brian and Paul on vocals)
13. Feel Like Makin' Love (Paul on vocals)
14. Let There Be Drums
15. I'm In Love With My Car (Roger on vocals and drums!)
16. Guitar solo
17. Last Horizon
18. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Roger on vocals)
19. Radio Ga Ga (Roger and Paul on vocals)
20. Can't Get Enough (Paul on vocals, Slash on guitar)
21. Rock'n'Roll Fantasy (Paul on vocals)
22. I Want It All (Paul on vocals)
23. Bohemian Rhapsody (Freddie and Paul on vocals)
24. The Show Must Go On (Paul on vocals)
25. All Right Now (Paul on vocals)
26. We Will Rock You (Paul on vocals)
27. We Are The Champions (Paul on vocals)
28. God Save The Queen
Support band none or unknown
Venue capacity 16305
Attendance 16305
Audio recording 126:38 min. | very good + quality [+ 1 more]
Video recording no info available
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Line-up Paul Rodgers (lead vocals, acoustic guitar)
Brian May (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lead/backing vocals)
Roger Taylor (drums, congas, lead/backing vocals)
Jamie Moses (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals)
Danny Miranda (bass guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals)
Spike Edney (keyboards, backing vocals)
Program Queen + Paul Rodgers summer/autumn 2005
Ticket stub Ticket: Concert: Queen + Paul Rodgers live at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California, USA [22.10.2005]
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