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My collection of Queen tour itineraries

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Tour itineraries were given to roadies who toured with Queen. Only 20-25 copies were printed for each tour. Each itinerary included exact info for roadies and Queen members: which hotels are reserved, which company provides limousines, times of the sound checks, exact addresses of the venues, how to get to the next city etc. I'm very lucky to be owner of 16 tour itineraries:

  • Sheer Heart Attack US tour 1975
  • A Night At The Opera Japanese & Australian tour 1976 (two copies)
  • A Night At The Opera Australian tour 1976
  • A Day At The Races US tour 1977 part 1
  • A Day At The Races US tour 1977 part 2
  • A Day At The Races European tour 1977
  • News Of The World US tour 1977
  • News Of The World European tour 1978
  • Jazz US tour 1978
  • Live Killers European tour 1979
  • Crazy tour 1979
  • Hot Space European tour 1982
  • Hot Space American tour 1982
  • Hot Space Japanese tour 1982
  • Brian May: Back To The Light South American tour 1992
  • Brian May: Back To The Light North American tour 1993
  • Queen + Paul Rodgers: North American tour 2006
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