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My collection of Queen memorabilia

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Top items in my collection

  • Original Smile drumskin logo from 1969 with a "DON'T FORGET TO SMILE" banner made by Freddie. Authenticity confirmed by Tim Staffell!
  • Flyer for festival in Truro 21.08.1971 - Queen were on the bill
  • Programme from Royal Albert Hall (27.2.1969) - Smile were on the bill
  • Original contracts for Queen concerts incl. one from 13.07.1973 (signed by Jack Nelson)
  • Original invitations to Freddie's birthday parties (Munich 1985, Ibiza 1987)
  • The Reaction ticket stub from 16.8.1966 (The Reaction with Roger supported The Kinks)
  • 15 original tour itineraries used by roadies on tour (listing venues, hotels, dates, times)
  • A huge lot of scrapbooks from Tony Brainsby who worked for Queen from 1973 to 1980
  • Mr. Bad Guy promo poster signed by Freddie
  • About 20 signatures of Brian and Roger obtained personally during the past years
  • Original BM signature pick that Brian used for '39 in Jacksonville (2006), also Brian's pick and sixpence that I got from Pete Malandrone
  • Original Roger's drumsticks (about 11 total from 1975 up to 2008)
  • Original clothing worn by fans in the I Want To Break Free and Radio Ga Ga video shoots
  • Megarare tickets - for example from the Mott The Hoople era or for WATC and FWBF video shoots
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