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For downloading QueenZone torrents you have to be registered and logged on QueenZone - if you're not a member yet, you have to register. If you don't know anything about torrents, please read this page. Special thanks go to all people who upload or keep the torrents alive (mainly Ginger01, YourValentine, ruth.olivier, bokkepot and others), to people who remaster and compile recordings from more sources (pittrek, Sir_GH) and above all to tapers - without them we'd have nothing!


03.03.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers American Airlines Arena Miami, Florida USA Concert info
Audio: rapidshare

Audio: torrent

07.03.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers Gwinett Center Duluth, Georgia USA Concert info
Audio: torrent --- NEEDS SEEDERS ---

Audio (FLAC): second source (torrent) :

09.03.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers MCI Center Washington, DC USA Concert info
Audio: megaupload

10.03.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers Digital Credit Union Center Worcester, Massachusetts USA Concert info
Audio :
mediafire : http://www.queenzone.com/forums/1201326/re-announce-worcester-10-03-06-shn-mediafire.aspx
torrent : http://www.queenzone.com/forums/1201736/announce-as-torrent-worcester-10-march-2006.aspx

Video: torrent + multiupload links on page 10

14.03.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers Wachovia Spectrum Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA Concert info
Audio: torrent

video : DVD (torrent) :

17.03.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers HSBC Arena Buffalo, New York USA Concert info
Audio: "First Time Under Pressure"

Video (DVD): (torrent) :

21.03.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers Quicken Loans Arena Cleveland, Ohio USA Concert info
AUDIO (mediafire):

24.03.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers Palace of Auburn Hills Auburn Hills, Michigan USA Concert info
Audio (FLAC): (mediafire) :

27.03.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers Bradley Center Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA Concert info
Audio : from DVD
torrent : http://www.queenzone.com/forums/1242992/queen-and-pr-milwaukee-27-03-2006-flac.aspx

Video: 2DVD

05.04.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers HP Pavilion San Jose, California USA Concert info
Audio: torrent

10.04.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers Key Arena Seattle, Washington USA Concert info
Audio (torrent) :

11.04.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers Rose Garden Portland, Oregon USA Concert info
Audio: rapidshare

Audio: torrent

25.05.2006 Queen + Paul Rodgers Mandalay Bay Events Center Las Vegas, Nevada USA Concert info
Audio : lossless audio rip from DVD, encoded to FLAC --- NEEDS TO BE RE-UPLOADED ---

Video: torrent

Video: torrent --- NEEDS SEEDERS ---

Video : High Definition (fileserve, hotfile and megaupload) :

17.06.2006 Brian May + Roger Taylor Hyde Park London UK Concert info
Video: youtube

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